Fender Micro EQ

$ 79.99


Whether you're connected to a full range of pedals or simply want to fine-tune your tone, the Fender Micro EQ pedal offers master level control of individual frequencies with complete precision. Designed specifically for guitar players, this five-band graphic EQ features an ±18 dB adjustable gain range per band, letting players shape their sound over five specific frequencies while preventing feedback caused by additional distortion effects. Compact footprint to fit on a crowded pedal board Level knob for flexible volume adjustment Protective metal housing to withstand the rigors of the road True hardwire bypass wiring for quiet uninterrupted signal flow 12 mA current draw minimal power supply usage Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC center negative (not included) Frequency Centers: 100 Hz, 250 Hz, 630 Hz, 1.6 kHz, 4 kHz Input: 1/4” Mono Jack (Impedance: 470 k Ohms) Output: 1/4” Mono Jack (Impedance: 1 k Ohms) Dimensions: 93.5 mm (D) × 42 mm (W) × 52 mm (H) Weight: 160 g


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