Fender George Benson Signature ’65 Twin Reverb - $2300.00 - 85W - 2X12 Combo Amplifier

$ 1,699.99


The Fender George Benson Signature GB Twin Reverb tube electric guitar amplifier is an ideal amp for players searching for a detailed clean sound with a huge amount of headroom. When designing the amp, Benson needed it engineered to translate every nuance of his hollowbody tone, so the 85-watt, 6L6-powered Twin was chosen for its abundant clean power. The addition of neodymium 12" speakers and a pine cabinet shaves 13 lbs. off of a traditional Twin. And George appointed the GB Twin Reverb with custom aesthetics that will look as classy as he does onstage.


  • Power: 85W (tube)
  • Tubes: three 12AX7, one 12AY7, two 12AT7 (preamp); four 6L6 (power amp)
  • Two channels: Normal, vibrato
  • Four inputs
  • Speakers: 2x12 Jensen Tornado


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