Fender 4 button Footswitch for GT 40 and 100 Amplifiers

$ 75.99


When you want to unlock the full potential of your new Fender Mustang GT series digital modeling combo amplifier, you're going to want to hit up Sweetwater for one of these 4-button Mustang GT footswitches. With a simple tap of your toe, you'll be able to instantly recall your personal presets and artist presets, control effect parameters, and even utilize the amp's powerful onboard looper. Get the most from your Mustang GT amp with this 4-button Mustang GT Footswitch.


  • Footswitch for unlocking every feature from Mustang GT amps
  • Instantly recall your presets
  • Control various effect parameters
  • Utilize the amp's onboard looper functions from the floor
  • Ruggedly built


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