Fender Custom Shop 1959 Heavy Relic Stratocaster - Hand Wound Pickups 7.4lbs.

$ 3,759.99


Say what you will about having a "factory worn" or "Relic" guitar, but there's really a lot to them than meets the eye. They do indeed feel old, aged, and broken in. If you've ever held a real "well played" 50's or 60's Strat or Tele in your hands, you know what I'm talking about. They just feel great. Fender has done an amazing job recreating that feel and texture of a "broken in" guitar. Trust me, if you're a player there's not a $50,000.00 difference in the feel of this and a real 1959 model. On the other hand, the real 1959 Strat works great in your investment portfolio. This example is pretty amazing. The pickups are hand wound to exact 59 spec's. These are not the "regular" Custom Shop pickups. These have also undergone an aging process and sound like the real deal. The feel of the guitar is there too. It just feels right. Saving $45,000.00 feels pretty good too, not to mention that the "cool factor" of this baby is over the top!


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