Get Your Personalized Holiday Bundle!

Your Guitar & Amp set up EXACTLY how you want it

What Makes A Personalized Holiday Bundle So Great?

Just learning how to play? Why invest your hard-earned dollars on a poorly made product at one of those Big Box stores when you can get a brand-new, quality guitar and amp, set up EXACTLY how you want it for pretty much the same price?

We customize every Personalized Holiday Bundle to your exact specifications.

Take it home, plug it in, and start playing!

Let Our Passion Become Your Passion

Here at Custom Shop Guitars, we love guitars...a lot. You might say it borders on an obsession. In fact, we love guitars so much, we want to share that passion with our customers so they can get EXCITED about playing the guitar.

Know what won't make you excited to play the guitar? Lower quality equipment. It gives you bad tone, encourages bad technique, and makes the guitar difficult to play. That's no NO FUN...and if you aren't having FUN playing the guitar, you won't stick with it.

Give us a call or stop by and see for yourself. We'd love to show you what a difference a quality instrument can make. Play on!

* Starting at $829. While supplies last.


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